Precautions during the use of PE plastic bags

At present, the plastic packaging film industry is the main consumption field of polyethylene in China. In the face of continuous improvement in living standards, people's demand for functional diversity of materials is also increasing. PE anti-static film has certain characteristics that other packaging materials do not possess, such as transparency, moisture resistance, and airtightness, making it widely used in the field of commodity packaging.
With the continuous rise of China's consumption level, there is still room for a significant increase in the total demand for packaging film. Many enterprises are increasing their investment in technology and utilizing resources reasonably to win more market share from the plastic packaging film market. However, many people may encounter various adverse situations due to minor mistakes when using it, in order to avoid these adverse situations. What should be noted when using PE plastic bags?
1. If the surface of the product is not cleaned when using PE plastic bags, it will affect its adsorption effect on the product and cause traces to appear. Therefore, the surface of the product must be cleaned before use.
2. Do not use a deformed film as it may affect its effectiveness.
3. Due to its unique material characteristics of cold resistance, high temperature resistance, and wear resistance, it can be operated in almost any environment.
4. Do not put the opening side of the membrane into use, as prolonged contact with air at the opening may cause the function of this part to fail.
5. When using PE plastic bags to cover the machine with film, it is not advisable to forcefully pull and align the film with the material being applied.

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