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APP zoom in! Super Takamatsu White Card Replacement Whiteboard Countdown

As the price of white cardboard continues to fall, many people in the industry estimate that the price will fall below RMB 5,000/ton.
As the price of white cardboard continues to fall, many people in the industry estimate that the price will fall below RMB 5,000/ton. If you are not affected by the United States abolition policy, the white card at this moment may have fallen below this price.
Recently, the issue of replacing a whiteboard with a white card has been discussed. Personally, it is mainly considered in these areas:
1. The positioning of a super Takamatsu white card comes from this;
2. The state of environmental protection is willing to eliminate outdated production capacity (the problems brought about by the U.S. Waste are only small ones. The lack of economic development due to the backward production capacity of the country and the lack of market competitiveness are the main factors);
3. The gray area of ​​the white card and the whiteboard (there is a long association between the two. Even if the market positioning is different, if you go your own way, I will take my bridge and we will have no problems, and I will not say who can replace it. Whoever asks who will accommodate them first, there is no doubt that the two most used domestic packaging papers have already reached the zero point, and white card replacement is only a matter of time.)
So this time a factory put a big move: Super Takamatsu!
At present, white cardboard is cheaper than whiteboard paper. In the situation where the concentration of white cardboard industry is very high, the most important factor affecting prices is to see if the major paper mills can reach an agreement! Can you ask why you want to reach an agreement? There is a saying that if you don’t enter, you will retreat, and someone will always want to be the first to eat crabs.
The trend of replacing whiteboards with white cards is accumulating, and people who shoot will always have a goal. Whiteboard paper soared and white cardboard plummeted, it can be interpreted as everyone has no confidence in the white card market, but in the end the answer given by the paper mills: not settled!
Why is it not settled? Who did you not kill in the last negotiation?
1. At present, the concentration of whiteboard paper in China is not high, and the top 4 whiteboard manufacturers account for about 36%, of which, Nine Dragons Paper Co., Ltd. is the only company that occupies more than 20% of the market; in the future, as environmental protection becomes increasingly strict, other It is imperative that small vendors are integrated (who will integrate?).
2. What are the reasons for the 64% of manufacturers other than the top 4 in this severe situation? Shutdowns caused by raw material shortages have now been presented. Is it due to downtime caused by price problems, or environmental pressure, or is it really a shortage of raw materials? We will wait and see.
3, which is what the above 1 and 2 said, how to divide this 64% cake? Who is going to lead (the person walking in front has given the answer).
The ultimate reason for the decline of the white card is factory behavior. The main problem may be related to the whiteboard. The forerunners are already on the battleship, and later people will be on the top of the battleship. We will wait and see! If the problem of the white card vs the white paper is just a matter of fact, please stop the unnecessary price cuts by the major manufacturers and allow the market to return normal channels. (This article represents only personal opinions)
PS: The following is taken from the circle of friends
[Recently, the price of white cardboard has continued to fall, and the psychological price expectations of the industry have continued to be exceeded. I think that the existence and development trend of emperor Wang Song is the main reason.
This is a big move of APP, Emperor Song!
White cardboard is cheaper than whiteboard paper. It is unprecedented and extremely abnormal. In the current situation where the white cardboard industry is highly concentrated, the most important factor affecting prices is whether the major paper mills can reach an agreement. Whiteboard paper soaring and white cardboard plummeted, that is, everyone does not have confidence in the market, mostly because the paper mills to the market is not optimistic about the message: not settled! Therefore, the price of each brand dealer stepped on each other, and it happened to be the time node at the end of the month that urgently needed to withdraw funds. There was no bottom line. The sales of white cards in all major markets this month were originally low, and the shipments were very slow. In order to complete the scheduled target for the current month, the price cut out of the warehouse is also helpless.
Although all are falling, APP Jing Gui’s production of more than 75% of social cards this month is in ultra-high-song, and the price can be kept relatively high, while plain paper and Takamatsu paper orders are few, and orders are only estimated to maintain a certain market brand. Continuity. Chenming, Bohui, Sun, and Sembo all looked dumbfounded and began to study this rising star immediately. What's the secret of its cost? I even suspect that if there is a certain amount of waste, the paper cost will not increase at all. Moreover, Jin Gui's wood pulp, paper machine equipment, compared to the opponent have the natural advantage of doing super Takamatsu. Therefore, the APP will vigorously promote this kind of paper and will not negotiate with other colleagues. He has already gone alone.