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Another truck full of waste paper caught fire! Summer heat is on the way and drivers must pay attention to fire safety

On May 24, on the Beijing-Kunming Expressway, a wagon carrying waste paper ignited, and the cargo carried on the vehicle emitted heavy smoke. On the previous 16th,
On May 24, on the Beijing-Kunming Expressway, a wagon carrying waste paper ignited, and the cargo carried on the vehicle emitted heavy smoke. On the previous 16th, on the Lanhai Expressway, a truck loaded with more than 30 tons of cartons was spontaneously ignited. At the time of this summer, the driver’s master must pay more attention so as not to cause property damage.
The truck caught fire and 28 tons of waste paper was burned
At 2:31 pm on May 24th, the fire squadron of Ningqiang County received an alarm saying: The Jing-Kun Expressway headed toward Huangbahe Bridge in Sichuan Province. A truck with waste paper caught fire and no one was trapped.
After understanding the situation, the on-site commander immediately ordered a 8-ton water tanker to put out a water gun to extinguish the fire from the front of the vehicle, and a 6-ton water tanker took out the fire from behind the car.
At 3:39, the Qi County fire squadron arrived at the scene to reinforce and the commander ordered the Qixian squadron to supply water to the Ningqiang Squadron.
At 4:06 am, the open fire on the truck had been extinguished. To ensure the smooth flow of the expressway, the high-speed traffic police communicated the trailer to the toll station at the next stop, and then cleared the smoldering fire. The scene was processed until 8:29 that night.
Just a few days ago, a truck spontaneous combustion incident also occurred.
On the previous May 16th, at the Dushan section of the Lanhai Expressway, a wreckage of trucks also occurred: A wagon loaded with more than 30 tons of paper and cardboard boxes spontaneously ignited and almost all of the cargo carried on the vehicle was burned.
According to the instructor, Master Du, the 30-ton carton and paper shell were pulled from Guiyang to Guangzhou. I did not expect to see black smoke coming from the rear compartment when driving to a height of 1568 kilometers.
At the time, the fire was not great. He stopped the semi-trailer on the roadside and used a fire extinguisher with the vehicle to extinguish the fire. The carton did not burn too fast, the fire extinguisher had no effect, and the fire gradually became large. In desperation, he Have to call for help.
The civilian police and emergency rescue personnel placed control on the scene to prevent the occurrence of the second accident. Fire officers and soldiers used three high-pressure water guns to extinguish the fire on the semi-trailer.
After the fire was controlled, the emergency rescue department staff transferred the forklift and shoveled the cartons on the back of the car shovel to the ground and completely disassembled for further fire extinguishing. Due to the timely detection and handling, this truck spontaneous combustion incident did not cause casualties.
Summer high temperatures are coming, fire safety should pay attention
It is understood that there are several reasons for spontaneous combustion of vehicles on high-speed roads: First, frequent braking, tire self-ignition; Second, tire puncture, friction and fire; Third, after the private line change, aging caused a short circuit fire; Fourth, the driver or vehicle with smoke After throwing the cigarette from the cab, it may also cause the vehicle to burn.
Therefore, in the summer when the temperature rises and the air is dry, the driver's master must pay more attention to fire safety. Long Yao Media & China Packing Network will again remind everyone:
When the vehicle is traveling for a long time. Must check the oil circuit, circuit, tire pressure, etc., and take a proper rest to cool the tires;
When it is found that the vehicle catches fire, it is necessary to immediately stop the vehicle, turn off the power supply, and then get off the vehicle to view it. Use the fire extinguisher carried on board to carry out the fire extinguishing;
If the fire has been found out of control, it should be far away from the scene as soon as possible to ensure its own safety, and the 119 alarm should be called in time.